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       Due to the fact of various tire sizes, transmissions, the different locations on where the "pick-up" is coming from, our speedometers and tachometers are not calibrated to the individual vehicles. You should know when you purchase a speedometer or tachometer what type of tach and speedometer you are ordering and where you are going to get your sending  source from.

        We will provide you with the manufacturers instructions on the gauges. It is our opinion that if you are not knowledgable in connection up the speedometer and tachometer  you should have a qualified speedometer and tachometer calibration service to calibrate them for you.

        The instrument panels that we sell are to replace what you have and should be installed by someone with knowledge of wiring gauges, warning lights, and replacing sending units.

        We have technical support to assist you in occasssional questions you might have and not to give you a step by step instruction on installing your panels. We suggest that you take your panel to a qualified installer , if you are not sure. Most of our panels come with a installation booklet.  It is a guide in helping you with your installation. However because of the various buses and manufacturers of RV's it is almost impossible for us to detail every panel's instructions.

        We are here to help you in any way we can for you to enjoy your new instrument panel.