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Complete repairs on damaged panels and housing covers for most insurance company's


Broken or Cracked Corners


  This Suncrest came to us in pieces and a new panel was made
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Damaged Mallard Panels   Broken Panel New panel
Monaco back-up monitor repair.jpg (113698 bytes)      
Monaco Back-up Panel Repair      


Dash Repaired from Fire Damage

1982 Airstream 310 Series repaired after engine fire

Airstream_1982_Damage_01.jpg (63245 bytes) Airstream_1982_Damage_02.jpg (78986 bytes) Airstream_1982_Damage_03.jpg (72902 bytes) Airstream_1982_Damage_04.jpg (321866 bytes)
Coach after  engine fire Parts removed to replace damaged areas Front compartment exposed  to review damage Interior of coach damage area
Airstream_1982_Damage_05.jpg (313324 bytes) Airstream_1982_Damage_06.jpg (241945 bytes) Airstream_1982_Damage_07.jpg (237872 bytes) Airstream_1982_Damage_08.jpg (253385 bytes)
Interior showing damage A/C and heater Interior cleaned up and new fuse panel installed Close up of new 12 circuit fuse panel and wiring New wire to replace burnt out circuits
Airstream_1982_Damage_09.jpg (222477 bytes) Airstream_1982_Damage_10.jpg (238122 bytes) Airstream_1982_Damage_11.jpg (264306 bytes)
Exterior wiring for new headlights and turn signals Parts not available for old A/C and heater new one installed Exterior side of new A/C and Heater combo unit The new dash made from 3/4" plywood is ready to be covered.
  The dash is padded and covered and is now ready for the instrument portion of the dash  The instrument housing is installed and is now ready for the instrument panels. Completed dash with gauges, switches, radio and AC ducts.

Dash repaired & restored

ELITE Motorhome 

GMC Motorhome 

GMC Motorhome 

Prevost Bus Dash 

ELITE DASH.jpg (106651 bytes) Copy of GMC Before (Theft Damage).gif (161645 bytes) Copy of GMC After Theft Damage.jpg (106461 bytes) Copy of Prevost Dash-1995.jpg (110909 bytes)

repaired from fire damage

Before - theft Damage

New Dash after damage

1995 Prevost Dash with new Burl Wood Panels  

Monaco Dynasty 

Sportscoach Motorhome 

Sportscoach Motorhome 

Sportscoach TV Panel 

Copy of Monaco Das.jpg (53172 bytes) Copy of Sportscoach orig.jpg (97974 bytes) Copy of Sportscoach after.jpg (95031 bytes) Copy of Sportscoach TV.jpg (85192 bytes)

New Autumn Teak Panels

Before - Original Dash

New Dash after restoration

TV & Radio Panel   





Theft Damage

Repairing a 1990 Winnebago from theft damage

winnebago-wide.jpg (32752 bytes) winnebago-repair_complete.jpg (31975 bytes)  
Lower panel torn out and destroyed

New panel with housing repaired





Rockwood Dash Removal, Repair and  Reinstallation


Rockwood_Coach_Original_Interrior_01.jpg (73774 bytes)

Rockwood_1988_Bench_Top_Repair_01.jpg (244642 bytes) Rockwood_1988_Bench_Top_Repair_02.jpg (188975 bytes) Rockwood_1988_Dash_Removed_01.jpg (407711 bytes)
Rockwood Interior before repair and upgrade Dash after it was removed from coach Dash being repaired with metal braces.  Interior of coach with new vinyl being installed
Rockwood_1988_Interrior_Upulstry_01.jpg (363301 bytes) Rockwood_1988_Reinstalling_01.jpg (353372 bytes) Rockwood_1988_Reinstalling_02.jpg (308516 bytes) Rockwood_1988_Refurbished_Dash_01.jpg (292461 bytes)
Vinyl being applied to top of the coach Repaired and recovered dash being reinstalled Dash is lifted back into place Finished work with new seat added to match new vinyl work